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Donation from Francesco Parisi

Thanks a toparsifra for a nice donation to keep Tyros2.Net alive.

· Kenneth on November 19 2008 18:29:02 · 0 Comments · 4148 Reads · Print
Oh happy day

news: Tyros3a.jpgOh what a happy day Images: smiley-grin.gif. I just got my TYROS3!!! What an AMAZING keyboard. I had to drive 2 hours to bring the baby home. Now I have lots to do to find out how eveything works. I hope to post some mp3 and maybe also a YouTube video soon. Stay tuned.

What Yamaha could not do, lots of friends helped me with! Thanks to all of you that have sent donations. It have not paid the whole keyboard but it helped me a lot on the way.

· Kenneth on November 06 2008 18:05:00
5 Comments · 5069 Reads · Print
Tyros3 delivery is delayed

Tyros3.Net have got signals telling that the delivery of Tyros3 to Scandinavia is delayed. Tyros3 should have been available from 15'th of October but we expect the first delivery is now something around 3'th of November 2008. I do not know if this delay also affect other parts of the world. Source: Tyros3.Net

· Kenneth on October 14 2008 19:55:35
3 Comments · 4771 Reads · Print
Third donation from Benny Birger Jensen

Today I received another donation from Benny Birger Jensen (BennyBj). In short time, this is the third time Benny sends a donation to help keeping Tyros2.Net alive. Thank you very much Benny. Benny is ofcourse a Tyros2.Net VIP-Member. All donations really encourage me to continue the work with Tyros2.Net and hopefully there will be a .Net site for Tyros3 also Images: smiley-wink.gif.

· Kenneth on August 25 2008 14:10:05
0 Comments · 3743 Reads · Print
More mp3s in mp3 player

I have added some more mp3s to the mp3 player in middle of this site. There are now 13 songs in the list. Use the slider in right side of the player to see all songs.

· Kenneth on August 21 2008 00:23:26
0 Comments · 3700 Reads · Print
Tyros2.Net Upgraded

Today I have upgraded Tyros2.Net website with a new layout and also some new features. I hope you enjoy the changes.

· Kenneth on August 16 2008 17:35:28
3 Comments · 4166 Reads · Print
ArticlesWow, 2,296 members as of 8-01-08. That is certainly proof that Yamaha has lots of owners and fans.
I am sure with the news of the Tyros3 coming will increase membership and bring back those who have been idle for some time, such as me.
My Wersi Abacus Duo Deluxe Organ has kept me busy since I bought it last July (2007). I walked away from organs about 5 years ago because of the very high cost.
This Abacus I bought used from Mr. Ralph Conti in Lancaster, PA. It is really a marvelous instrument and the sounds are first class. I missed playing pedals to the point of wanting to have another organ in the home.
I still play my Tyros2 but with the Open Art Arranger in the Abacus, I am able to use all the styles in the Tyros 2 in the Wersi.
Nice to be back and active in this great website.
Thanks to Kenneth for keeping this website going.
· Tyros2 Nut on August 02 2008 11:55:10
0 Comments · 3216 Reads · Print
Want to know about the Bill Horn Show
NewsI have posted an article in "Wersi International" about the 4 day Organ and Keyboard Festival in Lancaster, PA. If your are interested in organs and keyboards you might find this article interesting. Lloyd
· Tyros2 Nut on July 26 2008 22:24:27
0 Comments · 3410 Reads · Print
Donation from hford02
DonationsThanks a to hford02for a nice donation to keep Tyros2.Net alive. hford02 is now also upgraded as Tyros2.Net VIP-Member. As a little return he can now download a few extra files from our Downloads area, etc.
· Kenneth on July 07 2008 18:21:02
0 Comments · 3017 Reads · Print
t2user got VIP-Member ship
VIP-Membert2user just got VIP-Membership for his great engagement here at Tyros2.Net. I really wish there was a few more with same spirit.
· Kenneth on June 25 2008 12:27:06
0 Comments · 3083 Reads · Print
Donation from Michael Le
DonationsThanks a lot to Michael Le (michcind) for a nice donation to keep Tyros2.Net alive. Michael is now also a VIP-Member. Michael signed up as member today and already same day sent a nice donation to keep Tyros2.Net alive.
· Kenneth on June 07 2008 10:29:06
0 Comments · 3172 Reads · Print
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